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In the present era of competitive retail and fashion industry, understanding the varying needs of perceptive consumers in parallel with evolving technology has become a major challenge. In addition, the spending habits of consumers have changed.

Dassault Systemes has strived to prevail and confront this scenario by understanding the varying demands of consumers. It has emerged with unique approach in fashion PLM applications that focuses on providing intuitive solutions to manage, ease, and improve the operations of retail industry through My Collection for Fashion and My Store services.

These solutions analyze and transform the essentials of consumers in a virtual environment through prototypes to reduce the cost involved in building physical models. Hence, Twenty Technologies collaborate with Dassault Systemes to reinforce and transform consumer needs for fashion and retail environment.

My Collection for Fashion

My Collection for Fashion solution is the integrated fashion PLM platform, offering fashion brands and retailers to develop their collections on time with the best price and desired quality. Consumers make explicit buying decision and select right brand by availing these services..

It analyzes the requirements of consumers at early stages of product development to incorporate following strategy and benefit retail business:

cpgConcept to consumer
cpgCollaborate product designs
cpgIntegrate complex supply chain
cpgConnect with social innovation process

My Collection for Fashion has devised collaborative strategy to simplify, render innovative platform and to spread brand awareness for consumers. This includes:

1. My Design - Aspiring Creative Designs in a Collaborative Environment

My Design collaboration and innovation with Dassault Systemes’ fashion PLM solutions ensures seamless integration with familiar design tools. Design collaboration interface is structured in 3D design environment to provide reliable and transparent mode for fashion designers.

Through My Design, flexible attributes consisting of design materials, trims, colors, and washes to outline a fabric is provided for creative and technical design team at initial stages of product development. It reuses the creative ideas stacked in centralized library from My Unified Development and Sourcing by integrating with Adobe Illustrator®. Further, it enhances productivity, compiles BOMs, and allows extracting design attributes from PLM version.

2. My Unified Development and Sourcing - Extending your Ideas and Connecting to the Customers through Innovative Enterprise Solutions

A unified integrated platform for designers, developers, and fashion supply chain for improved collaboration during design, development, sourcing, costing, and pre-production of fashion goods.

The unified development and sourcing environment incorporates fashion PLM technology to manage fashion supply chain and brand efficiency right from design to product delivery through 'single version of truth'.

It interconnects internal and external stakeholders through chain of activities that include season and line planning, project management, product placeholders, component development, product design, and graphical artwork. This technique helps to moderate the risk involved in production errors, incorrect sampling and enhances collaboration among stakeholders.

3. My 3D Model - Transforming your Designs into Reality through 3D Virtual Prototypes

As the technology has ingrained in retail and fashion industry, 3D models have evolved to make a tremendous impact on fashion selling. 3D virtual prototyping software for apparel design evaluates more design options; fasters design operation using digital simulation reducing cycle time, and sample costs.

Imagine 3D models of your creative designs giving visual impact and adding value for consumers by helping them to make a clear decision on their requirement. The scale models or 3D prototypes pave an opportunity for potential customers to have a clear look and feel on the design and provide their suggestion at the initial stages of product design.

4. My Visual Assortment Planning - Visualize and Assort your Customer Style

My Visual Assortment Planning analyzes products placement before sending it to the store. It optimizes retail product mix and makes better assortment decisions with visual assortment planning software for fashion.

Assortment plan is made based on varying needs of shoppers that include style, choices, and color during product selection process. This strategy further helps to:

cpgAnticipate the impact of new product design in market.
cpgUnderstand product portfolio
cpgAnalyze specific buying nature of customers in store.

5. My Virtual Showroom - Emerge your Trends through Virtual Reality

3D virtual showroom software for fashion displays collections to prospective buyers and allows them to select assortments before final ordering. It eases shopping experience, helps to portray any fashion brand by capturing the needs of customers, and provides look and feel environment.

6. My Analytics - Mode to Extract and Capture the Perception of your Prospective Customers

Have you ever thought to know how your prospective customers perceive your product? My Analytics is the fashion analytics software designed to retrieve the feedback from your customers. In addition, brands and retailers can use My Analytics software to:

cpgBoost decision-making based on sales performance.
cpgSource management information
cpgExtend creativity and innovation process by bringing new product lines to competitive market.
cpgContend with varying customer behavior and preferences.
cpgImplement new strategies in the market.

My Store

In the growing market, consumers have high expectations to get extraordinary shopping experience. However, retailers / merchandisers are facing major confront in engaging and promising complete brand satisfaction to consumers.

Dassault Systemes has surfaced My Store as a retail technology platform to create exceptional excellence for shoppers. My Store solution is designed for visual merchandising, assortment planning, and collaboration at store level with design teams regardless of their location. The following strategies allure consumers to make a purchase decision and retailers to preserve brand equity.

1. 3D Content Collaboration

3D Content Collaboration is the integrated software for consumer goods and retail with assortment planning capability that place the right product at the right place and right store. As visual 3D virtual models have more impact, digital representation of store layout provides clear picture for merchandisers.

This software creates 3D model by integrating high-resolution images (using Adobe Illustrator) and content created in 3D environment. It reduces assortment failures, saves time involved in re-designing the store layout after receiving physical collection, and boosts ROI.

2. My Store Layout

As we all know, attractive store layout plays a vital role in the success of merchandising mix. To design a store layout and for productive utilization of retail space, merchandisers need to decide placement, store flow based on consumer behavior.

Dassault Systemes has eased this process by introducing integrated 3D store design software - My Store Layout to define the most efficient store layout for maximum sales efficiency. It helps to determine the impact of fixtures, shelves, counters, mapping of products, sightlines in stores.

3. My Virtual Merchandising

Dassault Systemes focuses on maximizing sales revenue through My Virtual Merchandising. It provides schematic representation of products in stores using virtual merchandising tools like 3D planograms. The virtual experience technology builds, visually plans store displays using a sketch or 2D picture eliminating the need for physical store mockups.

Virtual Merchandising sets up appealing store for customers by analyzing their preferences that incorporates attributes like product information, space, color, and light.

4. My Analytics

Does your retail performance create value for consumers in meeting their requirements? Do you want to predict the future trends that consumer expects in the market through detailed analysis? Do you really want to create hype by optimizing your retail performance in the market?

My Analytics is the solution for all your queries that quantifies retail performance through improved decision-making with virtual experience platform. It performs real-time analysis of sales in terms of results by channel, product, or region. This reduces the research process by providing real-time information and eases decision-making process for stakeholders.

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