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Office Connect - An end to end office automation solution

Office connect provide unified platform by integrating various departments like sales, project management and execution, human resources, payroll etc., The combination of these modules into unified platform assures the solution for all your business needs. The solution help organizations to execute their process flawlessly.

We focus on providing office automation solution for large, small and medium sized companies.

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Office Connect Topics

Office Connect (Unified platform for your office)
Office Connect Project Connect Sales Connect
Office ConnectRecruitment Office ConnectProject creation & scheduling Office ConnectManaging sales pipeline
Office ConnectLeave Office ConnectTeam planning and resource Office ConnectCampaign management
Office ConnectEmployee Office ConnectTask allocation Office ConnectLead generation and tracking
Office ConnectAttendance Office ConnectTime tracking and approval Office ConnectAccount and activity
Office ConnectPayroll and claims Office ConnectProject statistics and reporting Office ConnectContact and appointment
Office ConnectPerformance and appraisal Office ConnectProject performance Office ConnectOpportunity and sales funnel
Office ConnectTraining and skills Office ConnectEmployee efficiency Office ConnectQuote and sales planning
Office ConnectTravel management Office ConnectProject profit & loss accounting Office ConnectAnalytical reports

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