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FACIO is a fully integrated, proven, user friendly - online shopping for Apparel industry. FACIO is a modern, cost effective and proven enterprise platform that meets the needs of apparel industry.

Facio Shopping Cart Software is a complete ecommerce solution for anyone looking to start an online business, add a shopping cart to their existing website, or to replace their existing shopping cart. With all the features, tools, support and technology needed to build, promote and grow your online business.


Facio Webshop provides 24-hour storefront for your latest product data, including prices and availability, exclusive discounts and promotions in your Online Store. This is a professional solution that helps manage easily product, trade, transport, company, and consumer related information.


FACIO ERP Simple and advanced search, and search by keywords
FACIO ERP Product comparison & filtering
FACIO ERP User Basket and Wish List
FACIO ERP User Bookmarks and Personal Pages

Your Designer Configurator

Your designer allows User to design their own garments and get them at unbelievably affordable prices! “Clothes make the man” - this is an old saying that still has its validity. Your designer always understands that and also knows that well fitting garments are a way of life and everyone has the right to choose their design.

FACIO ERP This enables you to design your own fashion and you can be your designer
FACIO ERP It is very easy to use and intuitive
FACIO ERP You will get exactly what you have chosen for you
FACIO ERP You can design your garment and get it done at the comfort of your desk.

Order Management

Order Management at your Online Store provides:

FACIO ERP Online posting of orders and getting acknowledgements
FACIO ERP Orders Customer credit rating
FACIO ERP Alerts and messaging capabilities enabling seller to prioritize purchase
FACIO ERP Orders flow and shipment flow
FACIO ERP Inventory Updating

Website Content Management

Online Store Customization

FACIO ERP Company-sellers have tools for their e-store customization
FACIO ERP Screen elements layout selection
FACIO ERP Local language selection
FACIO ERP Colour scheme selection

Online Store Management

News editing, Banners editing, Static elements editing (Comments, Delivery, Help, About us), Special offers editing, Forming of local price-list for B2C users.

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